On July 1st 2023, we will become husband and wife and we wish to celebrate our big day together with you.

But how did we end up here?

Four years ago, Maya sat at the Friends Arena where Malmö FF met AIK. At the same time, Gustav was lying on a sun bed in Marbella with a drink in his hand. During the break, Maya discovered that @glindbergs had written a message on Instagram. They started chatting and a few weeks later they met for an after work drink at Haymarket in Stockholm. Thats where our story began and since then we have moved in together and have gotten a life to take care of (calm down mom, we're talking about Otis).

On August 28th 2021, we were supposed to celebrate Maya turning 26. But Gustav had something else in mind for that day.

With a delivery time of six weeks, Gustav was releived when the engagement ring finally arrived the day before the planned proposal. Now he was ready and everything was planned in detail. However, the plans fell apart when it emerged that Gustav had got the time wrong. We were supposed to be at Norra Brunn three hours earlier than Gustav thought. According to witnesses, you could really see the panic in Gustavs eyes. Maya became stressed and quickly ran up to the suite to change her outfit. In the middle of all the stress, Gustav put on some calm music, suggested us to take a glass of champagne, and started expressing his love for Maya. She wondered what on earth Gustav was doing, they were already late and had to leave?

He asked Maya to take a deep breath and listen to him. Suddenly he was there on one knee and asked if Maya wanted to get married. Since you have read this far, you propably understand her answer to his question.

We want to celebrate our next chapter in our history with you on July 1st. Hope to see you there!